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Basware’s New Alusta Platform

Basware’s New Alusta Platform

On February 29th, 2012 Basware introduced its new cloud-based platform called Alusta (meaning ‘platform’ in Finnish) to the market. Basware was already one of the major providers of eInvoicing and procure-to-pay (P2P) solutions and with this new highly scalable and flexible cloud-based platform they are likely to cause a stir in the market. This new launch makes it is clear that the company has spent a lot of time and resources to create a user-friendly and intuitive product that incorporates Basware’s deep experience with invoice processing.

Earlier this year, Basware announced the acquisition of First Businesspost (read more about that here), a German eInvoicing provider with a unique “Virtual Printer” technology. This acquisition and perhaps more to come later this year combined with the introduction of Alusta, makes it clear that Basware intends to be a dominant player in a market that is clearly in consolidation mode. The Alusta platform brings with it some fairly sophisticated capabilities; including mobile applications (iPhone, iPad and Android) that make it even more convenient to take action on various processes and avoid delays. The announcement also introduced a new solution/service called ‘CloudScan’. CloudScan allows customers with operations in any location to download a self-scanning capability in minutes, enabling local invoice scanning before sending invoice data to the cloud for data capture and validation services.

With the introduction of this multi-tenant cloud-based platform there are likely to be fewer instances in the future of highly customized installed software, instead, Basware will focus on providing packaged solutions for different requirements and charge on a usage basis, allowing Basware to offer something to companies of all sizes.

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