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Innovative technologies can, and frequently do, have a dramatic impact on accounts payable (“AP”) operations. The right automation solution can streamline invoicing and payment processes, as well as enable access to the wealth of financial and operational data that AP collects on a daily basis. For the AP team looking to implement these solutions, however, it is vital to understand the technology landscape and the innovations set to alter it within the next few years. Building on Ardent’s vast repository of AP automation research, data, and expertise, this report will provide readers with a “technology and innovation outlook” for 2016-2017 that will help them understand the impact of today’s progressive solutions on the management of invoice and payment processing. The report will also focus on the technologies that unlock greater strategic value in the areas of cash management and internal and external (supplier) collaboration, as well as provide specific, actionable recommendations for AP teams looking to adopt new and innovative solutions.

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Meet the Author

Andrew Bartolini, Chief Research Officer

Andrew_Bartolini - PhotoAndrew Bartolini is a globally-recognized expert in accounts payable, sourcing, procurement, and supply management. Andrew focuses his research and efforts on helping enterprises develop and execute strategies to achieve operational excellence within their finance and procurement departments. Andrew is also the publisher of CPO Rising , the news and research site for Chief Procurement Officers and other procurement leaders ( Read more here.